Chicago Neighbors: A Year in Short Stories. By Fr. Clete Kiley. ISBN-13: 9781099168765. $22.95.

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 200 pages

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Chicago is often called a city of neighborhoods, and a city of immigrants. In this heart-warming collection of stories Fr. Kiley peels back the curtain for a look at real life among Chicago neighbors. In his words, Kiley says, " each story is an epiphany of the spirit and grace that abound all around us in our city every day. He adds, "many of the main characters in these stories are immigrants. My hope is that these stories will lift up the dignity and cultures and deep spiritualities of our immigrant neighbors. When we see each other more clearly we can change the ugly anti- immigrant rhetoric that seems so prevalent today, and see our neighbors for the beautiful people they are." Meet some very interesting people. Meet their heritages. Watch them interact and push into promising futures of coincidence and cooperation. You will be richer for walking alongside these Chicago Neighbors.

—John Shea, author of Seeing Haloes, (Liturgical Press)

“Clete Kiley has Chicago in his veins. It empowers his urban writing with character making his characters pop from the heart and memory. No disposable life here. All is sacred and worth savoring. In those little pieces, no matter how delicate or vulnerable, he’s one writer with the brains to see the pathways leading to the bigger picture. Profound respect for the cross cultures in which we live, lets him lift up a truer America. Alive. Engaged. And ready for what lies ahead.”

—Thomas J. O’Gorman: Thomas J. O’Gorman is a writer and painter. The author of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago, and a weekly cultural columnist at Skyline Productions.


Who is my neighbor? Fr. Kiley’ Chicago Neighbors: A Year in Short Stories … reveal flesh-and-blood people who dream and hope, laugh and cry. The stories in Chicago Neighbors are a reminder that human existence is messy, complex yet beautiful, a crossroads where life and death meet, where the sacred and the sinful coincide in surprising ways. Take some time, meet Fr. Kiley’s neighbors.

—Hosffman Ospino, PhD, Professor of Theology and Education, Boston College





Fr. Clete Kiley is a native Chicagoan, a Catholic priest, Labor activist and immigrant advocate. He serves as General Vice President for Immigration, Civil Rights, and Diversity with UNITEHERE International Union, and as the Chaplain for the Chicago Federation of Labor. He's been a pastor, a seminary rector, a church administrator, and a staff member at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He served as President of the Faith and Politics Institute in Washington, DC, and is founder of the national Priest- Labor Initiative. He has been associated with both the national Interfaith Worker Justice Organization as well as ARISE Chicago, the local interfaith Worker Justice organization. He has lived and worked among immigrants for many years.