Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An Experiential Journey. By Javier Aguirre. ISBN:13: 9781730752667. $20.95 6" x 9" 200 pages.

Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An Experiential Journey. By Javier Aguirre. ISBN: 9781730752667.

Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An experiential Journey is a powerful, heart-felt, and realistic articulation of narrative prose and lyrical chants and poems that shed light on the harsh realities of the farm working poor.  The reader will be enthralled  by the stories and poems and by the great hope and optimism of the author who lived through it. From the cotton fields of western Texas to the streets of Juarez, Mexico; from the streets of El Paso to the strawberry fields of Oregon; from the orchards and vineyards of California to the villages and towns of Colombia, South America. These are the birth places of anecdotes and short stories and poems that intertwine like curls of smoke from a campfire. In this eclectic collection of writings one can hear the cries of joy and pain, the sighs and whispers of familial love, and the exultant aspirations of conquering despair and poverty by a hunger that drives human spirit to overcome limits and boundaries. This is a side of life that many will never see. Take a voyage through uncharted waters, ride the river rapids through unexplored canyons, nd in the end, discover what is lost when a culture or lifestyle is taken away or buried under tons of prejudice and misconceptions. We all lose.









Javier Aguirre has been writing and reading to audiences for over 35 years. He is a poetry reader, a “declamador,” he says, “I am a Campesino with a degree. ” He has read before audiences in California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Mexico and Colombia. His range of writings include a technical manual for becoming a third-party language interpreter to commentary in Hispanic Link tomultiple short stories and poems. He draws on his experiences as a court interpreter, teacher, migrant farm worker, education administrator, community activist and Human Being as inspiration for his writings. He lives in California. For readings and signings, he can be reached at ibejav25@gmail.com.