Midnight Vallenato. By Edwin Murillo. By Edwin Murillo. ISBN: 9781791543792. $17.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 180 pages

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This book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com www.LatinoBooks.Net Midnight Vallenato narrates experiences with racism, police brutality, domestic violence, memory, and the seemingly eternal cultural maladjustment of Hispanic-Americans. Young voices victimized at school, home, and work, to the narcissist in the title story being hunted at midnight. This collection offer tales that touch upon common spaces for all Hispanics, depicting the resilience of hate and racial rancor of today America. Midnight Vallenato, written in English and Spanish, carries the message that apathy and forgetting our sins is the worst sin of all.


“Trasporte gratuito a un rincón de la imaginación ... cuentos bien estructurados, personajes sólidos, mensajes certeros, y un catalejo irónico y con conciencia social, desde el que atisbar la realidad.” Belén Rodríguez-Mourelo, Pennsylvania State University-Berks College. Author of Cuban Writing Between Two Centuries (Aduana Vieja, 2018).


“Murillo’s collection will both inspire and infuriate, but also remind you of moments, places, and people you have known or thought you knew - and occasionally tried to forget ... these stories will resonate with anyone who has every felt out of place. Most importantly, his work illuminates our current moment all too well.” G. Nelson Bass, Nova Southeastern University. Managing Editor Class, Race, and Corporate Power.

Edwin Murillo was born in South Florida to immigrants from Latin America. He spent his childhood in Costa Rica and Texas. His studies took him to Salamanca, Spain and then back to Miami. His poetry has appeared in various journals and his first short stories appeared in Diálogo and Confluencia. Currently he is a professor in a city made famous by a 1941 Glenn Miller song. He loves music, travel, and the noise his daughters make in the morning. Midnight Vallenato is his first book.