The Miracles Hands of Alex Solano. Ray Villareal. ISBN:13: 978-0-915745-36-4 $21.95.

Mexican American literature book, Latino literature book, Latino Fiction book, Mexican American barrio life Fiction book, Hispanic literature book

Fifteen-year-old Alex Solano’s grandpa is a faith healer at a large church in Lubbock, Texas. Alex’s mom knows her father is a fraud, which is one of the reasons they’re estranged from him. Alex, however, discovers that unlike his grandpa, he possesses the power to heal.
He and his mom have moved to Dallas to escape his mom’s abusive boyfriend. At his new school, a group of “music nerds,” who is actively involved in music, at school and at church, befriends Alex. Miranda López, the lead singer of the group, is attracted to him, but is disappointed when he refuses to visit their church, saying he doesn’t believe in God. Later, she begins to fear him when she learns about his supernatural ability. If Alex doesn’t believe in God, she wonders, then in whose name is he doing the healing?




Ray Villareal is the award-winning author of numerous young adult novels, including Body Slammed!, Don’t Call Me Hero, and On the Other Side of the Bridge. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Education and a Master of Liberal Arts. He has over thirty years of experience working as a classroom teacher, an instructional reading/language arts coach, and a university instructor. Ray lives and works in Dallas, Texas.