The Spectacle of Let: The Soul of a Miracle. By Samuel Zamarripa. ISBN:13: 978-1986284998 $23.95

Romance writer Alicia Caliópa Almeida has come to Mexico to complete a story, an unfinished novel by her late husband, Otto Cristóbal Almeida. From a balcony overlooking the ancient city of Veracruz, she stares into the distance, imagining an end to a story she did not begin, determined to unravel truth from fiction. 
An intimate memoir and tale within a tale, The Spectacle of Let – the Soul of a Miracle, retraces the emotional journey of Alicia through the pain of an untimely death, the angst of carnal betrayal, and the rise of her irrepressible intuition—an inkling that Otto’s incomplete book, The Voice of the Looking Mountains, is not what it seems. 
An impromptu invitation to an extravagant nineteenth-century mansion confirms Alicia’s suspicion and introduces an inimitable cast of Otto’s fanciful characters, brimming with incredible yarns. Raffa Portuondo, the Man of Laughter. Alejandro, a fetching Mexican specter, and Lemoore David, the septuagenarian healer and confidant of Otto’s enigmatic heroine, Niva Miramontes. 

In her quest to resolve the truth of Otto’s manuscript, Alicia turns inward and discovers her conclusion. It is an ending inspired by a palsied Abbot, a gatekeeper who guides her to a furtive moment, through the wonder and unspeakable soul of a miracle, and to the story’s astonishing end.








The Spectacle of Let: The Oliet & Obit. By Samuel Zamarripa. ISBN:978-1546370796. $24.95. 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 354 pages Black & White on Cream paper

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Open Samuel Zamarripa’s debut novel, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit, and embark on a literary journey through the imaginative work of his protagonist, Otto Cristóbal Almeida, and his mysterious manuscript, The Voice of the Looking Mountains, a book within a book.

Almeida has a fantastic story to tell about Creation and the first spoken word of God. It is a tale spun from the boundless stories of his numinous paramour, Niva Miramontes, who speaks with uncommon conviction. “In the beginning,” she insists, “God said ‘Let,’ and the rest is just a spectacle.”   
From a mysterious monastery in Veracruz, Mexico, to an overnight cruise on the majestic Hudson River, Miramontes reveals her heavenly gift of parable. Weaving together the generational saga of the Portuondo family—their salacious past and their journey to redemption—Niva’s tales captivate Otto.   






Overwhelmed by Niva’s spellbinding words, Otto falls into the clutches of an Oliet—a dream’s dream, a place where fiction invades life, yielding truth of a different kind. His book languishes and finally lands on the desk of his brooding editor, L. Rand Bonarias, who plunges into the unfinished manuscript and discovers that while Otto’s love story may be a literary gimmick, his unbelievable account of the story of Creation and Niva Miramontes is more than artful prose.  
A gospel of fantastic spirituality and abiding love, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit, reimagines the marvel of Creation and the unbound possibilities of a single word.