Two Eagles. By Rudy H. García. ISBN:978-1973748113. $23.95. 6" x 9" 196 pages

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The book of poems Two Eagles, speaks to the life experiences of Rudy H. García encompassing four chronological stages from childhood memories, immigration issues, educational experiences, and values of hope, faith, and love. The title, Two Eagles, symbolizes the Mexican Golden Eagle and the American Bald Eagle, was chosen by the author to depict his Mexican-American culture and heritage while also captivating the essence of the real life experiences growing up on the border of these two great nations, the United States of America and Mexico. The love of these two countries comes from daily exposure and fluent use of two languages, English and Spanish, and his appreciation for foods, music, and television with family and friends of these two ethnicities meaning everything “All-American” and Mexican. The total immersion in these both great cultures in the author’s life made it impossible to separate the two. Hence, accepting the demographic identity of being Mexican-American proudly enjoying fully, the best of two worlds.  






Rudy H. García resides with his wife Rita in Laguna Vista, Texas. They have four lovely daughters, Risa, Mari, Marisa and Carisa plus four beautiful grandchildren; Gia, Iris, Maya, and Alejandra. Rudy first published book, Life Renewed, is an expression of his love for family and everlasting faith. Rudy spent much of his childhood exploring the shores of the Laguna Madre, walking the shrimp docks, venturing in and out of shrimp houses, boarding shrimp boats, and conversing with the crew. He experienced the sea ventures with his Uncle Joe and his Cousin Eddie. He frequently visited Matamoros, Mexico, the local market and also traveled into some of Mexico’s most beautiful cities. In 1983, after being married for six years, he and his wife visited he shrine of our blessed Virgen de Guadalupe in Mexico City where they made a pledge and nine months later were blessed with their first daughter. He has strong ties to both motherlands and bonding with the two nations symbolized by two eagles, the Mexican Golden Eagle and the American Bald Eagle, both strong and bold in their right.