Woman Hanging from a Rope. By Fe Orellana. Translated by Jessica Sequeira. ISBN: 978-0-915745-80-7. $12.95

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Beatriz, a journalist for a sensationalist newspaper, moves through the passages and galleries of Santiago, Chile, seeking to discover the mystery concealed by the homeless people, amputees and madmen who inhabit them. There are no drugs, weapons or financial transactions in this case, unlike in others she has investigated. None of her successful feature stories have what this one does: networks of child trafficking, photographs that attempt to emulate Araki and a company of actors with extreme ideas about art, which is why she feels an uncontrollable attraction for her investigation that can only be compared to the pleasure she experiences when practicing the ancient erotic art of shibari. In perfect sync at every specific point on the plane, as in a grid over a map of the city, pursuers and pursued observe and shift positions like pieces on a chessboard over the streets of a dark metropolis. A rope ties them together. The same one from which Beatriz hangs.





Woman Hanging from a Rope is the first novel by Fe Orellana, in which he crosses the classic noir novel with the nightmare, paranoia and absurdity of Santiago to represent the reality of the Latin American city. Fe Orellana (Santiago, Chile, 1991) is a writer and translator. He has published the novel Woman Hanging from a Rope (PorNos, 2017) and his work appears in ☺the anthology of contemporary Chilean fiction Santiago (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Manchester, 2019). He has received the Roberto Bolaño Novel Prize and the Literary Creation Grant from the National Council of Culture and the Arts, as well as the Gabriela Mistral Story Prize. Currently he lives in California, where he is completing an MFA in Creative Writing at San Diego State University.